Best FM18 Tactics - Tremendous Football Manager 2018 Tactics Toplist

Best FM18 Tactics List

FMBrotherhood made some analysis, tested a lot of “invincible” Football Manager tactics and we have chosen the best FM18 tactics. These tactics will make your opponents cry!

We didn`t make these tactics. Instead of that, we searched almost every FM Forum on the Internet and we found the best tactics there.

Maybe some of the tactics are familiar to you. Maybe you already play with some of them. The one thing is for sure, they are all amazing! That is the reason why these FM Tactics are on our FMBrotherhood Community site!

The order of these tactics isn`t related to their so-called “rank”. They are in the random order. 🙂

Here is the list of the best Football Manager 2018 tactics. This list will be updated as we test all the new and crazy tactics. Our Football Manager community is formed in 2018 so we will start with FM18 and it`s best tactics and so on.

The Best Football Manager 2018 Tactics

In the Football Manager 2018, we have chosen these tactics as the best. They are as we said all tested and proven.

The best FM18 Tactics by FMB choice are:

  • Hammerhead shark FM Tactic (4-2-3-1)
  • TFF Demolisher FM Tactic (3-2-2-3)
  • FM 18 MM VOLANTE Knap (4-4-2)
  • Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic (3-2-2-1-2)
  • FMBrotherhoods` Unbeatable FM18 Tactic (3-5-2)
  • Argus 343 Knap FM18 Tactic (3-4-3)
  • Knap WOFVOL2343P102 (3-4-3)
  • Suk Sam 4 Wingbacks (4-3-3)
  • Dragon Force FM18.3.3 Tactic (4-4-2)

We will try to reveal something from them and all the tactics have their links so you will be able to download them here.

Hammerhead shark FM18 Tactic (4-2-3-1)

We have found this tactic somewhere on the forums and after we tested it. We found out that the word “lose” is something only your opponent will hear in this game.

Philosophy of this tactic is high pressure, something modern football requires these days. With the “Hammerhead shark`s” tactic you will score a lot of goals. So, that is really something we like to see.

There won`t be “drab match so far” comment at the half of the game. You will really score an incredible amount of goals. Also, with this tactic, you will play beautiful football!

Our advice for this tactic: Find fast CB`s and there won`t be any problem with the goals in your net.

Download Hammerhead shark tactic at the end of this page!

Hammerhead shark FM Tactic

TFF Demolisher FM18 Tactic (3-2-2-3)

An awesome tactic for football managers who like to play with 3 attackers, offensive football with a lot of goals. As the name says it is Demolisher FM Tactic. That means that you will score, score and score goals from every situation!

Some recommendations we found by the author of this tactics are:

DCR: Right Foot – Very Strong

DCL: Left Foot – Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong

STCL: Righ Foot – Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong

STCR: Left Foot – Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong

MCR: Right Foot – Very Strong/Strong

MCL: Left Foot – Reasonable/Fairly Strong

Also, STCL/STCR/MCL/MCR positions should take the corners.

Match preparations and opponent instructions should be set for this tactic, leave it as it is and don`t let assistant change anything! Enjoy this tactic and win a lot of matches!

Download TFF Demolisher FM Tactic at the end of this page!

TFF Demolisher FM Tactic

FM18 MM VOLANTE Knap (4-4-2)

If you play this game and you go to forums, it is impossible that you didn`t hear about Knap and his tactics. He is Football Manager Tactical genius and every one of his tactics are tested and incredible.

This is one Knap tactic that we like to play with. It is 4-4-2 and with it, you will have a real possession game, with a lot of passes, not that high tempo, but your players will play beautiful football.

No opponent instructions are recommended by the author.

Download FM18 MM Volante Knap Tactic at the end of this page!


Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic  (3-2-2-1-2)

There is nothing more to say about this guy, but here we are only going to speak about his FM tactics. This one is 3-2-2-1-2 or 5-3-2 tactic as some of you like to say. This version is with DLF so he will be with the Target Man that is the key figure in this tactic.

This tactic will bring you fast, modern football and you will score a lot of goals. Terrific for English Premier League. You will enjoy it, for sure!

No opponent instructions are recommended by the author.

Download FM18 Target Man Knaps` Tactic at the end of this page!

Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic

FMBrotherhoods` Unbeatable FM18 Tactic (3-5-2)

After all, we have to promote something we have made – our tactic. This one is the unbeatable tactic we created, tested and that will bring you the enormous number of passes, goals, and victories.

We won`t talk too much about it. You can watch the video with a fully detailed description Here – Nik FM Unbeatable Tactic! Or you can download it directly from the link below. 🙂

Download FM18 NikFM Unbeatable Tacticat the end of this page! – FMBrotherhood production!

Argus 343 Knap FM18 Tactic (3-4-3)

We just can`t get enough of Knaps tactics. They are simply the best fm18 tactics.

This is the new one, in the 3-4-3 formation where you will be able to play crazy-offensive football. It is maybe the top tactic on the 18.3.3 patch. With those three players forward and when you chose roles in this way, you will get the most from your strikers.

Players (side players) with great crossing ability are recommended for this tactic and then you won`t have any doubts that your strikers will score the amazing amount of goals.

It is also fun to watch and this ass-kicking tactic will bring you the results either if your club is big or small. We suggest you use creative AF that can do a lot of things in attack.

When we speak about the defensive side of this tactic, your opponents won`t be able to pass to their teammates, because of high pressing and great marking.

So in overall, this is one complete fm18 tactic that is new and tested on the newest patch.

Download Argus 343 Knap FM18 Tactic at the end of this page!

argus 343 knap fm18 tactic - the best fm18 tactics

Knap WOFVOL2343P102 (3-4-3)

This is one of the most terrible FM18 tactics. Of course, we are kidding. This is Knap, so… Brilliance is here. 3-4-3 passing tactic that will blow your mind, or the opponent`s defense.

The main characteristic of this tactic is that you will make many passes all over the field. You will make many shoots and many goals. And as they say in some of the commercials “that`s not all!” Your defense will be like a Chinese wall.

Your high pressing will be the pain in the a*s for opponent attackers and after that, you will be able to make many counter attacks that, if you got good technicians and fast attackers can result with many goals.

In this tactic, you have Inverted Wing backs that stay narrow and act more like CM`s. They will be passing through balls to the strikers. So find some really great Inverted Wing-Backs as they are the most important part of this Football Manager 2018 tactic.

Knap made a tactic with 3 ball playing defenders, so you should choose 3 creative central defenders with a vision and creativity because they also involved in creating all the attacks.

You will have to spend your money on two great strikers – Complete Forwards, so they have to know all the secrets of football. As with all of these tactics, this is maybe one of the best fm18 tactics available for download.

Download Knap WofVol2343P102 FM18 Tacticat the end of this page!

Knap WOFVOL2 343 p102 tactic fm18

Suk Sam 4 Wingbacks (4-3-3)

Very interesting formation and great tactic that has to get into the best fm18 tactics, made by Suk Sam with 2 fullbacks and 2 wingbacks.

As we know that the most of the goals in Football Manager are coming from sides, with this tactic we don’t allow our opponents to score in that way, using their wingers or side backs.

We have tested this tactic with a couple of teams and the results were really great. The most important thing is to play with 3 very fast CF`s and with a great CM who can cover the middle area alone. Inverted wingbacks are also very important and would be nice if you can find a left-footed player as a right inverted back and right-footed player as a left inverted back.

You can also check out the comments of the Suk Sam 4 Wingbacks tactic here 🙂

Download Suk Sam 4 Wingbacks football manager tactic at the end of this page!

suk sam 4 wingbacks fm18 tactic

Dragon Force Football Manager 2018 tactic (4-4-2)

Very interesting tactic and very interesting formation that works great with great teams but also with underdogs. This tactic just had to go in this post between all the best FM18 tactics because it is great for not so big clubs.

We have tested this tactic with some really poor teams and the results were really good.

In attack, it would be nice if you could find one great striker who can play as Complete Forward and the other one who is going to connect your defense with attack.

amazing fm18 tactic - dragon force

Wide Midfielders should be players with a great crossing and with nice passing attributes as they are making the biggest number of assists in this tactic.

In the middle, you must have one very creative player for the position of AP. There is one other player who should have some nice defensive attributes – DM position.

Inverted wing-backs also have the important part in this tactic as they are going to cut inside and give many through balls for more offensive players.

Dragon Force is a tactic with a control mentality and with higher tempo so you should expect your team to play great and fast football.

the best fm 2018 tactics - dragon force 442

Download Dragon Force 4-4-2 fm18.3.3 tactic at the end of this page!

The best FM18 tactics are those give you the results!

We hope you like these almost invincible tactics we chose and that at least they inspired you to make your own even better FM Tactics. There will be some more in the future, we will update this and bring you some more joy FMBros!

Downloadable links of all the best FM18 tactics:


Now you can download all the best football manager tactics!

Hammerhead shark tactic here!

TFF Demolisher FM Tactic Here!

MM Volante Knap FM18 Tactic Here!

FM18 Target Man Knaps` Tactic Here!

FM18 NikFM Unbeatable Tactic Here!

Argus 343 Knap FM18 Tactic here

Knap WofVol2343P102 FM18 Tactic here!

Suk Sam 4 Wingbacks football manager tactic here!

Dragon Force 4-4-2 fm18.3.3 tactic here!


If you like this NikFM tactic, maybe you will also like these tested fm18 Tactics by NikFM. He is trying hard to make more tactics and get here in our best football manager tactics list.

Feel free to comment, to tell us how did you do with these tactics and tell us how should we make this even better! Cheers!

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