FM Tactics

FM Tactics is our zone where only the chosen tactics are!

Only the best and tested Football Manager tactics can enter this zone.

We also provide you list of the best tactics we found on the Internet for FM18 and you can check theme in our best FM18 tactics post here!

We make them, test them, win a lot of titles with them and after that FM tactic is ready to be launched and shown to the FM Community.

There is a really large number of different types of tactics here, from defensive tactics, counter tactics, offensive, attacking, control, tika-taka, to the passing domination tactics.

We hope that you will see them, watch our videos with detailed description and of course at the end that you will use them in your FM save.

If you think you have the great tactic that you want to share with the community you can feel free to upload it and describe on our FMBrotherhood – Guest Posting.

We really like to see how others think and implement their ideas in this game. It is always inspiring and makes us do even better things here!