Can Football Manager 2019 make Premier League Results Prediction?
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FM19 Experiments

Can Football Manager 2019 make Premier League Results Prediction?

By spaskecar | February 26, 2019 | 850 Views

Football Manager is known world-wide as the best football simulation that exists. There are some stories about Pochettino, even Mourinho and a lot of managers who were testing their tactics on Football Manager before the real game.

We can`t say it is 100% true, but there are even some leagues where clubs are signing players that have great potential in Football Manager. As you know some of the players FM marked as “wonderkids” and they really made amazing careers. There are also players who weren`t that successful in real football as in Football Manager, of course.

This time we will test Football Manager once more, and compare it to the real life football. In Football Manager 2019, before the round 26 in Premier League we simulated all the games. Did they happen in real life? Let`s check them out.

We want to inform you that this is only Football Manager prediction, so if you follow us on NikFM and watch his Premier League predictions, don`t take them seriously.

Football Manager 2019 Premier League round 26 predictions

Football Manager 2019 predictions were:

Fulham : Manchester United  0:3

Crystal Palace : West Ham 3:0

Huddersfield : Arsenal 1:3

Liverpool : Bournemouth 2:1

Southampton : Cardiff 1:1

Watford : Everton 0:3

Brighton : Burnley 2:2

Tottenham : Leicester 2:0

Man City : Chelsea 1:2

Wolves : Newcastle 3:3

At the first sight it doesn`t seem that realistic. Maybe we are wrong, so let`s check the real Premier League 26th round results. The results are next:

Fulham : Manchester United  0:3

Crystal Palace : West Ham 1:1

Huddersfield : Arsenal 1:2

Liverpool : Bournemouth 3:0

Southampton : Cardiff 1:2

Watford : Everton 1:0

Brighton : Burnley 1:3

Tottenham : Leicester 3:1

Man City : Chelsea 6:0

Wolves : Newcastle 1:1

Hmmm… That was close, wasn`t it? At the first sight it didn`t look like it would be that close to reality. But, it seems that Football Manager is amazing. Of course, who could predict 6:0 win for Man City against Chelsea. Those matches just happen sometimes.

In the video below you can check out NikFM and his comments on these predictions, maybe he predicted it even better?

If you like this type of FM19 Experiments, leave a comment, share this post and tell us if you want some more. Cheers FMBros!

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