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Jose Mourinho in Benfica! FM19

By spaskecar | February 1, 2019 | 1578 Views

This is maybe one of our favorite types of blog posts – FM experiment. Why? Because in this kind of stories legends are having interesting tasks in front of them. This time, our legend is Mourinho and he is in S.L. Benfica. We really don`t know how he got there. It was a tough decision for Mou to find a new club. But, why not, so let`s find out what would happen with Jose Mourinho in Benfica!

Jose Mourinho in Benfica – Year 2021 – What happened here?!

If you thought that Mourinho won`t stay in Benfica till the year 2021, you are wrong! He is still there in their hot seat.

The Benfica seat was hot for many managers, but Mourinho seems to like it. For more than 2 years since he came in S.L.B. he made some interesting results. He won Portuguese league once and five times he won Cups. He maybe could do it better there, maybe one league title isn`t that big result?

When Mourinho got there, as our FM19 told us he took 2nd place in Portuguese League. In front of his Benfica, you can see only Sporting from Lisbon. The difference was only 2 points. Ok, for the first season, that`s something we could all expect from Jose.

The second season was not so much better for Mourinho in Benfica. The position Benfica took was the same, but this time, in front of them was Porto. Oh, so many memories and maybe he just couldn`t beat them because of the emotions.

The third season was something else! He found to way to win the title this time! Check out how, and who is at position number 2.

What was going on with Benfica in European competition?

In the first season Mou had tough opponents in Europe. First matches were against Slavia Prague and Spartak Moscow, but, Mou found the way through. With two draws and two wins he passed these opponents.

Then in Champions League group D Mourinho`s Benfica lost only once – against Bayern Munich away. In that group, Benfica also faced FC RB Salzburg, and PSV. They won 4 matches and had only one draw. That was tremendous, we have to admit. The next barrier was OL, and with two victories they easily won this clash.

But after all his team faced Manchester City. After 0-2 away they just fell under pressure and lost once again 1-2 at Estadio Da Luz. That season was pretty good for Benfica in Europe. Mou showed once more that he is the Special One.

In the next season, they played again against PSV and won two times. It seems that Mourinho prepared his team to beat PSV every time. Then after two draws and penalties, Benfica got over Dynamo Kyiv.

In Champions League group H they haven`t lost a match! Mourinho`s Benfica won 5 matches and had only one draw once again. Even better performance than the last years`.

Guess who got the revenge? OL! They kicked Benfica from Champions League this time. It feels like Mou just does not temp form at the right time.

The third time was all the same. They passed qualifications, they passed the group in the Champions League, but Manchester City was just too good for them once more. They maybe just don`t forgive him managing MUFC?

Our conclusion

The Special One didn`t have easy job here. The budget was nothing like MUFC budget, the whole atmosphere in Portuguese football is different from Premier League. He surely made some great results, but we thing that he maybe could do it even better and will do it soon.

You can also check how he delegated new signings and more interesting stuff about this experiment in the video below.

Feel free to tell us, would you like to see Mourinho in Benfica for real?

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