What if Ronaldo and Messi swapped teams? - Football Manager 2018
Ronaldo and Messi swapped teams
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Football Manager 2018

What if Ronaldo and Messi swapped teams? – FM18

By spaskecar | March 11, 2018 | 1743 Views

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if Ronaldo and Messi swapped teams?! Probably you are. Here NikFM helped us find the answer to the following question.

CR7 vs Messi

First of all, they are both legends! This world maybe never saw such two players like Ronaldo and Messi and maybe never will. We respect them because of their greatness and really, who does not?

This is something the whole football world is talking about for years, the war almost didn`t start because of arguing about who is better Ronaldo or Messi. A few days ago it happened that there were human casualties due to the discussion on this topic, really incredible!

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Ronaldo is stronger, Messi better dribbler, Ronaldo has more power in his shot, Messi better technique, Ronaldo is better using his head, Messi is uncatchable, so who is really better (?), no one knows for sure.

Ronaldo and Messi swapped teams?!

Here we won`t discuss who is better, here we will make Football Manager experiment. We know it is impossible that Messi has Real Madrid`s jersey on, as Ronaldo Barcelona`s but what if? It would be really interesting to see who will adapt better to his new club. Whos teammates will accept the new signing and who will make more goals and assists?

So, let`s check out, NikFM gave his best and prepared us all the answers in this video. We hope you will enjoy!

You can post in comments what is your opinion, who is better and why, but don`t fight! 🙂

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Of course, you should feel free to rate this post and rate the video so we can find out how good is this Football Manager content we make. But please, don`t be harsh. Cheers FMBrothers!

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