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Vladan Milojevic in Olympiacos – FM18 Experiment

By spaskecar | March 22, 2018 | 1873 Views

You have probably heard about the recent Football Manager rumor that is shaking Greece and Serbia about Vladan Milojevic in Olympiacos. We have already done one tactic about Milojevic`s tactic that made Red Star Belgrade (FK Crvena Zvezda) the first team that went through the group in Europa League after playing first qualification leg in that competition.

If you haven`t seen NikFM Milojevic`s tactic analyses you can check it here!


Who is Vladan Milojevic?

Before we check what would happen if we see Vladan Milojevic in Olympiacos, we will show you our point of view about this football manager.

Vladan Milojevic is Serbian Football Manager who showed discipline, incredible tactical approach to every game he had and that he really understands the football. His teams don`t play “all-out attack” football, often they play on counter-attacks but his teams rarely lose and concede a small number of goals. He prefers fast players and physically strong in his team. Anyway, he is one great strategist who makes a great atmosphere with a high dose of discipline.

Vladan Milojevic showed that he is a football manager of great caliber and that he can do even much more if he gets a bigger budget and better players, so there is a distinct possibility that he will join FC Olympiacos this summer.


Vladan Milojevic in Olympiacos – FM Experiment

Anyway are we going to see Vladan Milojevic in Olympiacos, we don`t know. Here we are going to do something different from it. We are going to make Football Manager 2018 experiment with Vladan Milojevic as the main actor of it. We will put him on the Olympiacos bench and see what would happen then. Of course, NikFM will help us in that with his video and explain us more details about this topic.

You love FM experiments – Check Ronaldo in Barca and Messi in Real Madrid experiment!

How would he adapt in Olympiacos? Would Milojevic in Olympiacos continue his career progress and would he win the title in Greece? All the answers are here in this video.

So dive into your chair, couch, and take a look how would it be with Vladan Milojevic in Olympiacos. If you like this kind of experiments tell us, feel free to comment and it will be more soon in our Football Manager Brotherhood!


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