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FM Creator Manager Episode 03 and 04 (2024-2026)

By macbearded | June 29, 2018 | 36 Views

Welcome to another two episodes of FM Creators Football Manager Save, where all the FM Lovers are together in it! We are about to find out what is happening in 2024 in Football Manager World.

This time we don`t have just one episode, we got two of them and it will be twice fun.

What happened after numerous quits and after numerous managers got sacked, let`s find out in this part of the FM Creators Series. Enjoy it, as we did FMBros.


What is Happening in 2024 in Football Manager

So… a lot has happened in the last save and now we are about to find out what is happening in 2024 in Football Manager. We saw many managers being jobless, we saw many managers retiring without even thinking to maybe just maybe wait for the chance to come.

We have seen managers rise up and get somewhere in life and we have seen loyal managers stay with the club just cause they are comfortable.

What can we now expect in this one? Check it out!


What is happening in FM in the year 2026?!

If you have seen the last episode, welcome to another exciting episode of FM Creator Save which leads us to 2026. Are we going to see better results? Or are we going to see more retirements?

Will there be a manager fighting it out in the premiership for title chance? Let’s see! 😀

Feel free to comment, share and vote these new episodes of FM18 FM Creators save! Cheers!

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