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By spaskecar | August 23, 2018 | 2204 Views

After FC Magdeburg FM18 Series Trequartista is there with a new FM Story. This time on FM Brotherhood we present you AC Milan FM18 Series!

It was about time for the glorious club from Italy to come into our FM stories and we can`t wait to see how it will go.

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AC Milan FM18 Series – Rossoneri Revival!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new AC Milan FM18 series on the Trequartista Youtube channel.

Rossoneri Revival sees me take over AC Milan in Football Manager 2018. I took it with the one aim of being back amongst Europe’s elite and become a World Super Power Once Again.

The series will have 3 Episodes a season and we start the game with the fantastic database provided by  FM Transfer Update.

Despite the takeover the clubs finances are still precarious with £26m a year going out on loans per season. So regular Champions League qualification is vital if we are to compete on with Juventus who have Ronaldo in their side.

ACM, on the other hand, has a poor squad in FM18. We do have Gonzalo Higuain on loan for the season but I believe the £32m optional fee won’t be affordable for us or his £225k a week wages.

I will be looking to maximize the first team squad using the youth system. That is the way to ensure we meet Champions League Squad registration rules. After the initial end of first season squad overhaul, I am aiming to keep players long term instead of my usual mad summer transfer dealing in other saves and series where I sell 10 and replace it with another 10.

Italy has a fine array of young talent which I am hoping I can get hold of over the next few seasons. If you enjoyed today’s episode of my new AC Milan FM18 Series, please drop alike in there and please subscribe to the channel.

Rossoneri Revival will come out every Saturday morning with bonus episodes every so often.

You can also find me on Twitter @fmtrequartista. Thanks for watching, Matt!

Don`t forget to vote this new ACM episode and FM Series! Cheers!

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