Alba-Audace Fake News – Football Manager 2018 | Episode 7

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How do you do!

I’m back with another episode and this time I tackle the fake news that gets out there!


Alba-Audace Fake News – Football Manager 2018

This is the start of the storytelling mode in earnest and I hope you really enjoy it. What I want to create is a real sense of you experiencing what I and “the players” are going through. I’ve played ten matches back to back so as to get some real threads to run through the episodes and I hope you like the finish product :-).

Now onto today’s games and we’re playing against Olbia and Viterbese, Olbia very much mid-table but Viterbese very much in for a promotion shout so should give us a run for our money.

Tune in to find out how we do!

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