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Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018 – It’s Time For A Change

By macbearded | March 13, 2018 | 34 Views

One of the first posts on this Football Manager Community website, and here we will speak about Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018. Ali Macbearded who will tell a little about himself (really a little this time) took charge over Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018 and as he said it is time for big changes here.

Arsenal is having some tough times in the recent years with Arsene Wenger so, maybe Ali Maccbearded is something they really need now. With the budget they have, our opinion is that they should have won the Premier League already.

If you love The Gunners, you will surely love this Football Manager Story. There will be some more of this, this isn`t the only episode we will present to you by Ali Macbearded, and we promise you that all the next episodes will be better and better.

Enjoy this FM story about Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018, cheers FMBros!



Who is the guy who took charge of Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018?

Hello, I am Ali Macbearded from the Youtube community! I am starting a few new series on my Youtube channel but this is one of the first episode of one of the first series to start and I decided it would be Arsenal FC.

It`s Time For A Change – that`s what all of us should now when we talk about Arsenal FC!


Why I took Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018?

Because Arsenal needs to be sorted out after all those abysmal results (before the AC Milan game). Hope you all enjoy! 🙂


Check out what happened next in the second episode of Arsenal FC FM18 journey here!

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