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Arsenal FM18 Series – Episode 3 – Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, Braaaaazil! 

By macbearded | March 24, 2018 | 24 Views

Arsene Wenger`s successor is here and his name is Ali Macbearded! We won`t say anything more about it. He brings us the third episode of his Arsenal FM18 Series that is for sure, the best so far!

If you have missed the first episode you can check it out here – Arsenal FM18 episode 1!


Arsenal FM18 Series – Ep3 – Sh*t, sh*t, Braaaaazil!

This episode of my Arsenal FM18 series will be in the September month after all the transfers been done and the staff has been brought in how does the team look?

We take our journey into a couple of games, Carabao cup, and Europa Cup.

The question is, can this new team can handle all this?

Find out now and see in my latest 3rd episode of Arsenal Series in FM18!


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