Football Manager 2018 | Arsenal #WengerOUT | TITLE CONTENDERS | SE01EP04

Arsenal FM18 Series - Title Contenders S01Ep04

Arsenal FM18 Series – Title Contenders – amazing Football Manager Story provided by one of our FMCreators – ATGaming22. It all started after Arsene Wenger left Arsenal, after that there were some interesting things that were going on in the club. There was the amazing match against Tottenham, and all those stories you can check out on our FMBrotherhood website.

If you missed the first episode when Arsene Wenger left Arsenal you can check it here!

If you missed the second episode of that crazy Derby against Tottenham Hotspur you can check it there!


Arsenal FM18 Series – Title Contenders S01Ep04

Hello Everyone! Thank you for watching.

Big shout out to the support shown by the FMBrotherhood. Join the Brotherhood and become a part of the FM Community. FMBrotherhood – Lots of really good content on there.

Wenger has finally left Arsenal and they’ve turned into a 25-year-old Welshman. Let’s see how Arsenal get on in the Post Wenger world. This is my first Football Manager YouTube series.

In this episode, we play Chelsea and Manchester City in what I hope will leave us end the episode as title contenders! 2 very big home games!

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Please ignore any technical difficulties, still new and not 100% sure what I’m doing. Feel free to give any advice. Playing on a relatively low spec laptop, so if the quality isn’t great please cut a bit of slack. Please ignore the fan noise, I’m trying to find the ideal place to position my mic to catch as little fan noise as possible.

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