Arsenal FM18 Series Episode 2 – So It Begins…

Arsenal FC in Football Manager 2018 | Arsenal series FM18 episode 2

Arsenal FM18 Series Episode 2

Hey, guys, it’s time for the Arsenal FM18 Series Episode 2 and big things were happening. As you can see in the last episode we were sorting out the team and getting the scouting in of certain players, specifically younger players.

So, we have now completed it and decided to buy in some players. We tried to go for the likes of Tierney and Sessegnon but they already signed a new contract so we could not bring them in. We tried to bring in some other players.

If you haven`t checked the first episode you can do it now and stay in touch with it – Arsenal Series 1st episode – Football Manager 2018!


Big names in Arsenal FM18 Series episode 2!

Bigger names we sort of signed in this Arsenal FM18 Series episode 2, were Partey, Arthur, Wallace, and Forrest. As for the rest, we did buy in a lot of younger players to add some value to the team.

So what is next?

Did we win the Community Shield?

How did our league start go?

These are the things you shall have to check in the video and find out :^)

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