Football Manager 2018 | Arsenal #WengerOUT | The start of a resurgence | SE02EP03

arsenal vs liverpool fm18

It`s been a while, and we guess you are ready for the new episode of this Arsenal FM18 Series.

It all started after Arsene Wenger left Arsenal, and after that, a lot of things happened. The Gunners changed a lot in their squad and on their field.

There have been some new players, some great matches and after the two great matches against Chelsea FC and Manchester City, we have got a new title contender – Arsenal!

With a new Football Manager, they have reached the quarter-finals in the Europa League and they played really nice football to watch so far.

So the new season, number two is up to us, now the third episode of it. In the previous, we have seen two awesome matches against Atalanta FC and Manchester United – S02E02, and you can catch that up here.

We hope you will love the new Arsenal vs Liverpool FM18 and Rapid Wien episode and that you will support our FM Creator and subscribe to his channel.

Arsenal vs Liverpool FM18 | Arsenal vs Rapid Wien FM18 Series

Arsenal vs Liverpool FM18 clash is underway!

Our inconsistent form cannot continue.

We’re nearly 10 games into the season and we need to start picking up some wins. Turns out overhauling the squad is not a brilliant idea.

Time to get a big result against top 4 contenders Liverpool in the hunt to continue our little resurgence in form.

Then it’s time to go back to Europa League football. Something tells me we’re going to have to go far in this year’s competition to make up for our currently poor performance in the Premier League.

Our football has been swift and silky, but our results are not showing that. We’ve grafted and defended when we need to and we’ve put on some attacking masterclasses in the odd game here and there.

It’s time to start putting our money where our mouth is. We need to start pushing up the league or potentially face the door. The series is not ready to come to an end.

We hope you loved it, vote this episode here on the website so we have the feedback! Cheers!

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