The 3 Bargain Signings in Football Manager 2016 – Carlitos choice

The 3 Bargain Signings in Football Manager 2016 - Carlitos choice

All over Twitter and Facebook, I see people asking for recommended signings, now right off the bat, let me just say that I still play FM16, and yes, I will be buying FM18. Here in this text, I will tell you what are the 3 bargain signings in football manager 2016 I recommend to you!

Now with that out of the way, as far as attributes go, we can only get better, right? Most likely, they will still be a bargain.


The Club I play With In Football Manager 2016

I have a save with Paços de Ferreira, a Portuguese premier team that battles relegation every year. I came in, with new tactics and signings and no, we will not be winning the league title, but I do have a hand full of players that could make me money!


The 3 Bargain Signings in Football Manager 2016

These 3 players that I talk highly about are Marko Kordic, Paulo Henrique, and Cristian Ponde and in this video, I will highlight their values and attributes. So, if you still play FM16 like me, look up these 3 players, if you play FM18, all I can say is that they may be better players now 🙂


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