Bringing Back Brum FM18 Series - Episode 22 - Bradys Bunch
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Bringing Back Brum FM18 Series – Episode 22 – Brady’s Bunch

By spaskecar | April 6, 2018 | 1219 Views

After the great number of visitors for the first two episodes here on FMB, we have got a new one, with a new Birmingham City FM18 Story.

We saw that you really loved the Super James Wilson episode, but this time will be quite different from it – Bradys Bunch.

You will love it, if you still don`t like Birmingham you will probably love the BC also! Cheers!


Bradys Bunch – FM18 Birmingham City Series!

Welcome to a current series on my channel where we try to return Birmingham City to the Premier League after 4 managers in just over 12 months stability is key.

In Episode 22 we take on Burnley at Turf we also take a look at 4 new additions to our squad as we complete our squad for the first half of the season.

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I hope you will enjoy, comment and tell me if you liked the video or not! Cheers!

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