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England FM18 – FMBrotherhood Exclusive – Crazy Match – England vs Finland

By redeventgames | April 12, 2018 | 1253 Views

It is time for England to become the best national team in the world. In reality, there are a lot of factors why they aren`t at the top of the world. Some say that is because players are tired from playing their football matches in clubs at the top level. Some say that it is because they never had the proper Football Manager and there are people that say England national team is just cursed in football. Enjoy Crazy match – England vs Finland!

If you have missed the beginning of the story you can recap here episode 1 of England Fm18 series!

We are here to make history, RedEventGames is now Football Manager of England national team in FM18 and maybe the dice agreed. We will see… Here you will see two matches, first against Austria and one crazy match – England vs Finland. Enjoy!


England – Austria | First Match in Ep4

The first match wasn`t easy, we all know that Austria in the recent years is the tough opponent and they showed it in this FM18 match. The match was hard, England wasn`t as it should be so it will be up to you how the epilogue was. Good or bad?

How recent matches ended – England FM18 friendlies are here! 


Crazy match – England vs Finland

This is something why we play FM18, this is Crazy Match – England vs Finland! We have got something we all want to see and why we watch these episodes! It was a really crazy match – England vs Finland and there is nothing more we will reveal about it. Just take your seat and enjoy!

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