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Arsenal Series Episode 6 – Doumbia…

By macbearded | August 10, 2018 | 1066 Views

Greetings Arsenal fans, are you ready to see another episode of Arsenal FM18 series?! It is time for another astonishing episode by Macbearded, one of our FM Creators.

There have been a lot of thrilling or crazy matches in the last episode we called Arsenal FM18 Mad World (it was mad, believe us or not), and now we hope that will continue. Here we will see a story about Doumbia in FM18 Arsenal. Check it out.


Doumbia in FM18 Arsenal Series!



Arsenal Series is back on course and hopefully shall be posting it more out since the other series have caught up with this on the number of episodes.

Anyway, the story for today is we got the final ECC game and we are on a consistent run in the Premiership which I’m sure fans will be like “ok ok that’s good but CAN YOU DELIVER?!?!”

Well…. only one way to find out check this episode to see how it went down in today’s episode.

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