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England FM18 Series Ep2 (FM Brotherhood Exclusive)

By redeventgames | March 26, 2018 | 28 Views

Our FMCreator and, now we can say our friend from Red Event Games channel, made an exclusive FM18 series only for our Community! After the first episode of his England FM18 series we had a smile on our faces and now this wonderful story continues and we are happier than ever!

He gave his best and made the best episode so far. In this episode, you will see how England national team fought against Lithuania and amazing victory against Slovakia!

If you have missed the beginning of this story you can catch it up here!

Maybe our FM Creator from Red Event Games channel is the manager that is capable to make results whole England is waiting for. Maybe he is the one who can make England the biggest and he will put them at the place they deserve, by our opinion and that`s first place in Europe, and maybe first World Cup, why not? 🙂

We just want to thanks our friend for this special (exclusive as he said) series made for this Brotherhood and we hope we will see more! We hope he is going to continue his winning run and bring England fans a lot of joy!


Episode 2 of England FM18 Exclusive Series

Feel free to comment, vote and share this England FM18 Series! Cheers FMBros!

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