England - Friendly Matches - FMBrotherhood Exclusive Series - Ep3
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England – Friendly Matches – FMBrotherhood Exclusive Series – Ep3

By redeventgames | April 2, 2018 | 1257 Views

It is time for the friendly games in this England FM18 Series, created especially for FMBrotherhood, our Football Manager community!

If you missed previous episode of England FM18 Series you can check it here!

We are pleased to present you new video content that our FMCreator Red Event Games made for us. In this episode of England Fm18 Series, you will see two friendly matches. The first friendly match is against the very tough opponent, that is national team of Italy! It is always an unpleasant opponent, but we will see how our FMCreator fought them with England national team. This match was hard to win, we all know how Italy is strong in these matches.

The second match we recommend you to watch from the start to the end is against Wales. Maybe Wales is the more interesting rival for England fans, and all we are going to say about this match is that you enjoy it, for real!

We want to tanks to Red Event Games for this series and we will enjoy watching his new episodes!

Check out how this FM18 England Series started here!

Episode 3 of our exclusive series – England – Friendly Matches

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