FawX Gaming Episode 3 – Craziest Checkatrade Match Ever!

2024 in football manager - Checkatrade Cup match against Barnet

Fawx Gaming Community is there in Football Manager 2018 with some new matches and some new fun things are going to happen soon.

This is a gaming community formed in 2016 and Maccbearded is playing with his friends in one of his saves in Football Manager 2018. His friends are in the game and it would be interesting to see them against real opponents.

The September ended and you can check out the way this month ended in the 2nd episode of Fawx Gaming Save.

This time Checkatrade Cup match against Barnet is here and after that some other interesting matches. Enjoy.


Checkatrade Cup match against Barnet


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video from FawX Gaming Series…  I really need to sort myself on this recording xD

After many losses and players moaning they need the first team EXP we are showing a few good games and one of them is a Checkatrade Cup match against Barnet.

Did we win against them? Why was it crazy? You shall need to watch to find out 😀

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