FC Magdeburg FM18 Summer Transfers and League Opener
FC Magdeburg FM18 Summer Transfers
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FC Magdeburg FM18 – Summer Transfers and League Opener – Der club rising

By spaskecar | May 9, 2018 | 1284 Views

The best FM18 story on our website so far, according to our visitors and their votes is FC Magdeburg FM18 Story – Der Club Rising by our FMCreator – The Treqauartista is here and it continues!

The second episode and something new is going on in FC Magdeburg with their new football manager. We won`t reveal all the details, because we don`t want to ruin you this terrific story. We are going to let our dear friend and FMCreator tell you the whole story and we hope you are going to enjoy it!

Cheers FMBros and here you go – the second part of the best FM18 story on FMB!

If you have missed the beginning of the FC Magdeburg FM18 Series you can check it here!


FC Magdeburg FM18 Summer Transfers and League Opener

After our league winning the campaign, Episode 9 sees us starting the season in Bundesliga 2 for the first time in the clubs history.

We take a look at the summers transfer dealings and kick off the season with a league game at home to fellow relegation favorites Sandhausen.

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