FC Magdeburg vs Werder Bremen & Season 2 Finale! FM18

fc magdeburg vs werder bremen

Hello there again, The Trequartista is back this time with a new episode of his Magdeburg FM18 series! Today we are about to see his 13th episode.

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FC Magdeburg vs Werder Bremen & Season 2 Finale! FM18

In this new episode, you will see FC Magdeburg vs Werder Bremen , in the episode number 13 we bring to the conclusion of season two and our first in Bundesliga 2. Our fast flowing football has seen us score plenty of goals for which should see the club beat the drop.

However, buying new defenders in the summer will be my main priority.

Callum Gribbin one of my favorite young players from the last two FM`s has started in great form and has proved a pivitol acquisition.

Our final league table position is vital with every place we climb worth an extra 500k.

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Cheers Matty AKA the Trequartista!

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