FC Oss in FM18 catchup – Football Manager Series – Season 2

Here we are with another part of an amazing journey with Fc Oss in FM18. Our friend and FM Creator made something new, but even more exciting in his Fc Oss journey. We hope you are going to love it and subscribe his channel so he can grow and make even better and bigger Football Manager stories! Enjoy it brotherhood! FC Oss FM18 Story is ahead!


FC Oss FM18 Story – Intro by our dear FMCreator

Hey guys,

So it’s been a while since my first post about my journey through the Jupiler League with FC Oss FM18, the Netherlands, so this can serve as a TLDR for those that have missed it since then.

Check out how everything started here!

The past couple of weeks have revolved around our second season in the Netherlands, once again trying to group together the best of the pathetic array of talent at our disposal and those we can claim on loan. After a tough start, we came roaring back into it during Period 2 and got ourselves a playoff spot! With the playoffs guaranteed for the end of the season as far back as December, the Oss lads started to take their eyes off the ball and our form to the end of the season was diabolical…


FC Oss FM18 Story – Catchup Season 2

Today though, things could change.

I’ve just posted the latest episode of FC Oss in FM18, our second season, which happens to be our first playoff game in a confusing playoff system. We need to beat Telstar today to then face off with an Eredivisie side, whom we then have to beat to have a final game to get into the top flight. Ridiculous right? A win to start things off would be very useful indeed…

Check the video, please do drop a like, comment and subscribe as I’ve got a couple of Football Manager 2018 ideas that I’m going to try out in a few weeks and I think it’ll be worth a look.


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