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FC Oss in FM18 – 1st episode – A new division

By tedredwood-gaming | March 8, 2018 | 975 Views

Hey guys! Enjoy FC Oss in FM18 Story!

Looks like I may be the first to post in here so here’s hoping it all goes well! On YouTube, you’ll know me as TedRedwood Gaming, and @TedRedGaming on Twitter. I post daily videos, currently, 3 a week of my FC Oss in FM18 save, but I think I may be increasing this in the near future as I start to post shorter videos.

Something About FC Oss in FM18

FC Oss in FM18 is a small Jupiler League side in the Dutch leagues, where a few of the reserve teams of the big dogs (Ajax, PSV etc.) reside but cannot be promoted from, which causes some confusing playoff action. There are four periods of nine games each, the winner of each period is guaranteed a playoff spot, and the overall winner goes up automatically. Obviously, when you add these factors together, you can end up with a team finishing mid-table (or lower!) making the playoffs, which as a small club, is my aim!

A smattering of TOP’s first team players are amateur, so there are a few transitional periods in my save, whilst at the same time the dream of finding myself mysteriously in the playoffs remains alive throughout the season. The eventual goal is to take over the big dogs and see what we can do (mainly with our own youth facilities), but I see it being a while off considering how competitive the league is.

Please do check out my first video and come to take a swig of some Dutch Courage with me.


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Here you can check the next episode and the next season of this FM18 series!

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