FC Oss FM18 Series – Season 3 Review

FC Oss season 3 football manager 2018 (fm18) - fc oss fm18

Hey guys,

We are back today to review most of Fc Oss Season 3 – I won’t be spoiling the ending as you can catch the final league games of the season at the bottom of the post!


Fc Oss Season 3 – the start of it

Season 3 started the way many others have with Oss – tactical misjudgments, and a continuation of poor form from the end of the season before. This year we have found a number of youngsters released by Portuguese and NI/Irish sides, giving us a ‘Portugaelic’ connection (I’ll be plugging that word in a video title soon, so cheers to Kiota Gaming for that!) that are developing together and hopefully will take the club forward.

Check out how everything started in FC Oss in FM18 here!

What this does mean, however, is that results are hard to come by for most of the season as our team is not good enough. We start the last period of the season needing to find an extremely good run of form to get us into the playoffs. Majestically, after switching back to something like a 4-2-3-1, we find the form we need and find ourselves in a decent position before the last 2 league games of the season. A couple of average results will see us through to the playoffs yet again. Can we get them? Check out the video below:


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