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FM Creator Manager Episode 02 – Save – 2019 – 2021

By macbearded | May 28, 2018 | 24 Views

FM Streamers, FM bloggers, Football Manager Youtubers, they are all together in one save! Ok, we can not say that they are really all there in the same save, but the most of them are, for real. Macbearded has done an amazing job and now we are about to watch the second episode of his FM Creators Football Manager Series.

If you have missed the first part of his FM Creators Football Manager Series you can check it out here!

We hope that you will enjoy this story, that you will maybe subscribe to Macbearded`s Youtube channel. He is the really great guy with great Football Manager content. Actually, he is real FM Lover!

So enjoy this new story with all the FM Lovers together!


FM Lovers Together – second episode of FM Series

Welcome to the next episode of  FM Lovers together in the same save!!!!

So we so some interesting movements in the last one with few managers hitting into League Two and then a quite a fair amount of managers getting the sack.

But the question is can they turn their horrible start to something amazing?

Find out in this episode!! 😀


Feel free to comment, share and vote this new episode here on the website! Cheers FM Lovers!

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