FM18 Creator Manager Series Episode 6 + 7

fm creators ep6 i ep7

Hello and welcome to another exciting FM creator post! 😀

So today there shall not be just one video but two and reason it’s been delayed this long for it to be posted because I have been busy but have pretty much put out quite a lot of videos since.

So in Episode 6 and 7 of FM Creator what we shall be seeing is a restart to the save where I have changed the circumstances a little bit.

Due to the fact I was hoping the episodes would have been longer but I didn’t expect the fact such a large margin of managers would be sacked so quickly and so many would be not getting a job even though they have the potential to be much better than others but also they have a better ability than most managers in the game. So first I decided to give them all 200 potential ability and then also this time I decided to instead give them less than 100 but more than 100 in his acting ability so they would be more likely to be picked.

Another thing I decided to do was to give them 20 in manager, assistant coach and coach roles as I felt not everyone will get to be a manager but this way we can see a wider variety of roles played.

After that, I decided I didn’t like the whole situation that they all started in a club so after many tweaking of their reputations, I managed to sort it out in a way that they all can start as unemployed by finding the lowest manager there is and seeing what his reputation is in the game.

After I have completed this I then decided to load it up and test it but before I could start going on holiday I didn’t want to spend hours looking through the listings to find them so I came up making a staff shortlist with all the FM creators in it. This did allow me to find them easier but also see how many managers are left but more importantly where they all went.


Trying it a 2nd time I felt there be a lot of high hopes on this save as I was hoping to see more players breaking into the top league than the one who semi broke in but never made it properly. Last save we only saw TheReckonist making it to the top while others faded in the background but some did make some interesting journey or for two of them they made a lifetime career to manage just one club.

Another slight adjustment I made in the game was instead of having just England available, I also made several other countries available too. This was to allow a bigger variation of being signed in a different region but also adding the lower leagues would give them a bigger chance. After reaching the end of Year one it was disappointing to see not all were signed up but with the ones that were signed up to a club, it was fascinating to see where their first role is and what role it was. What you shall see in the videos that many were signed up as managers for the U23/U18 sides and only a few were retaining a manager status. This was something I was expecting to see some of them take the lower roles but it doesn’t mean they are unimportant as what usually happens if they do well with the U18/U23 teams they sometimes do get considered for the main team. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episodes and if you like to give your thoughts on them by all means!

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