Football Manager 2018 England - Ep1 (FMBrotherhood Exclusive Series)
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Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 – England – Ep1 (FMBrotherhood Exclusive Series)

By redeventgames | March 19, 2018 | 1314 Views

We present you exclusive series created for FM Brotherhood – Football Manager 2018 England and the first episode of it!


Football Manager 2018 England – by RedEventGames

We are really happy to see a lot of FMCreators engaged in our community with a lot of different, interesting stories. This time Football Manager 2018 England story is on the table. This is something that was unavoidable when football is a subject – a story about England, the cradle of football. The author told us that he prepared this only because of our community and we want to thank him a lot for his contribution! He also told us about the weekly update and more episodes, so this is only a start of interesting series.

We hope that you will enjoy this first episode. Of course, comment, give likes and tell us did you like it.


Check out the next episode of this England FM18 Series HERE!

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