Football Manager 2018 | Arsenal #WengerOUT | Europa League Quarter Final! | SE01EP08

football manager 2018 europa league

Arsenal FC is 5th on the table in Premier League so far with the new Football Manager, who took place of Arsene Wenger and in front of him, there are two interesting matches for now. First against Chelsea FC and the second against Newcastle Utd. We hope you are going to enjoy it!

Check out how everything started here!

Check out if you didn`t so far, matches against Burnley and Young Boys!


Football Manager 2018 Europa League Quarter Final

Hello Everyone! Thank you for watching. This time you will watch Football Manager 2018 Europa League here!

Big shout out to the support shown by the FMBrotherhood. Join the Brotherhood and become a part of the FM Community. Lots of really good content on there.

Wenger has finally left Arsenal and they’ve turned to a 25-year-old Welshman. Let’s see how Arsenal get on in the Post Wenger world. This is my first Football Manager YouTube series.

In this episode, we play Newcastle in the Premier League as well as our Quarter Final second leg against Chelsea. Can we make it to the Semi-Final in our first season at the club?

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Please ignore any technical difficulties, still new and not 100% sure what I’m doing. Feel free to give any advice.

Playing on a relatively low spec laptop, so if the quality isn’t great please cut a bit of slack. Please ignore the fan noise, I’m trying to find the ideal place to position my mic to catch as little fan noise as possible.

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