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Introducing the International Manager of Mystery – DodgeeGamer

By dodgeegamer | May 26, 2018 | 28 Views

Welcome to the new Football Manager story! DodgeeGamer is here with something new, new story, new series and this is the first episode of it! This is not going to be like something you already saw here on the website. This new episode will be really the most interesting episode from our FMCreator, so far, and we hope you are going to enjoy it! Cheers FMBros!

Double or Trouble – If you have missed it you can catch it up here!


New Football Manager Story  by DodgeeGamer

No-one knows where he came from, no-one knows what he on earth he is doing — not even he knows!

All we know is that he has got a special ‘B Licence’ and he is out to change the world of football from bottom to top.

This is a journeyman save with a difference. It focuses on international management for starters, and (thanks to the magic of extra leagues and competitions available from the great Claassen on the Steam Workshop) begins at the basement level of world football.

Our intrepid mystery manager starts his career at Tonga, ranked 205th = at the start of the game. His first mission? To break barriers by entering the top 200 in the world.

His second mission? To get the hell out of there fast and take over a team that is half decent.

However, for now he is happy to enjoy life on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean and dream of bigger fish.

But first, there is work to do – scour the Tonga Major League for players who know how to kick a ball with a degree of accuracy, and then select a squad to take to Samoa for a friendly. Samoa sits a terrifying 20 places above Tonga in the FIFA rankings. Can the Tongans under the guidance of their new manager pull off an almighty upset?

Click on the link below to find out. 😉

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