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#WengerOutFryIn | WOFI | Who will be Arsenal’s next manager?

By fryman7 | May 10, 2018 | 1288 Views

New member of our community – Football Manager World Champion himself!

Some new names are now in our community, big guys, great football managers. Among them, we have got a great “new signing”, we couldn`t get better than the Football Manager World Champion himself – Daniel Fry! He prepared his story and he will show us how he manages clubs in the best Football Manager simulation that exists. We are here to learn a lot from him, and to check out amazing stories, so both things are in the next episode, the first one in our community, on FMB! Cheers fellows, enjoy it!

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Football Manager World Champion Presents – WengerOutFryIn

Hi! My names Dan and I am officially the Football Manager World Champion.

I recently took part in FMWEC (Football Manager World eSports Championship) sponsored by Bidstack, at the NEC in Birmingham, UK and proud to say I got all the way to the final and won. (I also have a playlist on YouTube breaking down how I won this).

This series is based on the big news which broke recently, which is that Arsene Wenger has announced he will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season.  Sorry if this has only just broken the news to you! But I am sure everyone is aware by now.

My mission on this series is to find out, out of all the managers and other people in football who have been linked over the last few years with taking over from Arsene, who is best equipped to manage Arsenal and make them great again.

I have simulated the 2017/18 season at Arsenal with these various names in charge, and depending on their performance – how many trophies they won, they progress in competitions etc – I have ranked them into a table, with the worst being bottom of the table and the best being top.

The series starts with the worst manager and works its way up, finishing with the main man and the person who should be, the next Arsenal manager.

The first 3 videos are available, so you are able to catch up and stay up to date, as I release the rest until we get to the winner.

I hope you enjoy the series, please check out my other videos, and if you did enjoy, please like, comment and subscribe to the channel ‘Fryman7’

You can also stay up to date on my twitter ‘Fryman7’ and watch my PS4 streams on my Twitch channel ‘Fryman7’ (My first live stream will be today – 5th May 2018 at 5 pm)

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for watching,

Dan (Fryman7)


You can feel free to comment this story, share it on social media and of course vote it here on the website so we can find out how good was this first episode by our FM World Champion! Cheers FMBros!

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