Football Manager 2018 – Return of the Monkey’s – Hartlepool Utd

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Hartlepool Utd in FM18, something we didn`t have to see on this website, but finally it is here on FMBrotherhood! An amazing story provided by one of our FMCreators – Chris who showed us how he manages Hartlepool Utd in Fm18. The challenging club, interesting players and now we have got interesting football manager in charge – Chris 🙂 Can you do it better, would you change something he did in this episode and in this series? Tell us, but first, take a look at this episode. Cheers FMBros!


Hartlepool Utd in FM18 series!

G’day everyone, I’m Chris and here is episode 47 – Return of the Monkey’s with Hartlepool Utd in FM18, on my channel Newton Durham Gaming.

I started this series when FM18. Launched back in November with the aim of bringing back a team from the depths of English football. Even though I am from Darlington (and do keep an eye on their scores), I chose fierce rivals Hartlepool to revive. Due to them, being relegated out of the Football League for the 1st time in their history.

To say the least, I’m 4 seasons in and doing well, as well as can be for a ‘small’ club that’s probably in the league we are now in a season or 2 earls.


So why call it ‘Return of the Monkey’s’?

Well, the Hartlepool mascot is a monkey but the main reason is the whole reason why monkeys are related to Hartlepool. During the Napoleonic Wars, a monkey was the only survivor of a French warship that ran aground. Fisherman found it, dressed in a French officers uniform, and after agreeing it looked French, the monkey was hung after a short trial.

Check out how this story continues and two amazing matches here!

Myself, I’m from Brisbane, Queensland which is in Australia. It’s a beautiful city. I’ve been playing Championship Manager/Football Manager since the 98/99 versions of the game.

Well, I hope you enjoy this, the full playlist is available here – Return of the monkeys – Football Manager playlist!

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