Return of the Monkey’s – Hartlepool Utd – Opening Day – FM18

Hartlepool Utd in FM18 -hartlepool utd opening day FM18 - Hartlepool Utd FM18 Series - Episode 55

Hartlepool Utd Series continues and today we have got new episode – Opening Day! We hope you will enjoy what our FMCreator prepared for us!

If you missed the beginning of this FM18 Hartlepool Utd story check it out here!


Hartlepool Utd Opening Day FM18 Series

Well, we have come to that point where we had to fail at some point.

The monkey’s tried their best but we weren’t good enough to survive in the Championship. Getting relegated on goal difference stings.

We have returned to a new season with some fresh faces, one with Premier League experience. The formation has had a slight update (well it had that on the previous episode) and this is going to take us forward.

Did you miss the previous episodes? No worries just watch Hartlepool Utd FM18 Series here!

So in today’s episode, we meet these new players and say bye to the ones that have left. My Direct of Football gets a spray from me and we have the 1st match back in League One against the MK Don’s, a team I personally do not like.

So sit back, relax and join me on YouTube as I attempt to take the Monkey’s back into the Championship, as League Champions once again.

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