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Basingstoke town fm18

If you are a part of any FM Community you probably know our new FMCreator – BigNuttyDan! He brings us some new Basingstoke Town FM18 series. He chose not so big club, but that is the idea of this game isn`t it? To manage the small club and then to make it big and win Champions League maybe, or any big competition. That`s how we do.

We think that you will like what our new FMCreator BigNuttyDan prepared to us and you will enjoy his Basingstoke Town FM18 series!


Basingstoke Town FM18 Series

Hello guys and welcome to the post about my Basingstoke Town FM18 Series!

So if you didn’t know (probably not) I am currently running a Journeyman series.

I have the extended leagues pack and started off at Evo Stick Southern Premier side Basingstoke Town.

I am towards the end of my second season in charge of the Dragons so please check out the Playlist here!

Thank you and look forward to hearing some feedback!

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