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MLS with Portland Timbers with fries on the side! – Football Manager Adventure

By roverseasfm | March 16, 2018 | 36 Views

One of my latest Football Manager adventures if with the Portland Timbers FM18 of the MLS.  Now I have been playing football manager since the dark ages with Championship Manager 2, with a brief hiatus between Football Manager 07 and Football Manager 2017 (you know wife etc.) but this has been my only experience with the MLS, and let me tell you what… FRUSTRATING times.  So far experienced two “close seasons” and many major transfer headaches.  So I thought I would introduce you to my headaches and my progress as it develops.


3 Goals of My Portland Timbers FM18 Adventure

The 3 step goal for my Portland Timbers save is:

  1. Win the MLS Cup
  2. Win the America’s version of the Champions League
  3. Compete, and if possible win the World Club Cup

Easy right?

Not sure how long that will take, but so far, spoiler alert I have finished my 1st season and it went “OK”, and now working on 2nd season… so I didn’t get the sack.

Transfers are complicated, so go through without no rumblings whatsoever, until it comes to registering players.  Then you have to deal with salary caps, designated players, international slots…  MLS FACTOID *** you can acquire international slots from other MLS player by trading something of value, be it a DRAFT pick, or some allocated cash?!  Its all a blur at this stage, but learning the hard way as I go.

Did you read the incredible story from the same author – Old Bastards FC – anyone fancy a pie? 

Why don’t you stop by, drop a comment, and if you have MLS FM management experience, let me know, I will probably want to pick your brains?

The story so far, new stories added daily (well I am trying to):

SIDEBAR** I have recently started to add content to the FMBrotherhood website & forum using my main youtube account which the content is split 33% Blackburn Rovers, 33% World Football and 33% Football Manager (with 1% going elsewhere) but decided to start a different youtube account purely for FM content.  Not sure if I will continue to do so, but we shall see where it is after a year. This Portland Timbers project is the only videos currently posted on this account, in case your wondering.

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