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By zebu_nation | May 30, 2018 | 24 Views

We are very happy to have a lot of FMCreators and a lot of them are still joining our community. This time we are about to see a new FM Story, about Montreal Impact FC in FM18. 

We hope you will enjoy it as we did because ZebuNation wasn`t kidding this time! Let`s greet him and his story to our community with a lot of likes, and good votes here!

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Montreal Impact FM18 Story by ZebuNation!

It’s the year 2020 my MLS save with the Montreal Impact is entering its third full season. Below is the latest offseason update.

Introduction to my Montreal Impact FM18 Story!

The 2020 offseason for MLS Cup champion Montreal Impact has been a dizzying whirlwind of player signings.

This many new signing is something you wouldn’t expect from such a young team coming off arguably the best season in club history, but our front office did what had to be done to overcome the forces threatening to destroy our roster.


The first unyielding cosmic force that put pressure on our roster was Father Time. It’s a fact of life that players age, and for some this meant that their time with the club had come to an end. For others, however, a new year on the calendar signaled a new beginning for their burgeoning careers as we signed a whopping nine players from our U19 academy.

Outgoing Players:

  • Yaya Toure CM (Retired)
  • Matteo Mancosu ST (Contract Expired)
  • Jared Watts CD (Waiver Draft: Seattle Sounders)
  • Devon Pais AM (Re-entry Draft)
  • David Choiniere RW (Re-entry Draft)
  • Louis AP (Contract Expired)

Academy Players signed to the Senior team:

  • Claude JeanJean CM
  • Goncalo Jesus ST (Loaned to TPS)
  • Vincent Marechal RW
  • Mathieu Madec AM (Loaned to Charleston Battery)
  • Maxime Pantemis FB
  • Kenrich Barbier CM
  • Cedric Brun ST (Loaned to San Antonio FC)
  • Nemanja Mitrovic ST
  • Corentin Blanc DM


The next factor in our massive offseason intake was the MLS itself and the numerous drafts it places before each team like an endless buffet of players. The dessert cart of MLS drafts is, of course, the MLS SuperDraft.

This is where the best and brightest players from the various national U23 systems are put on offer for teams to snap up and add to their plates, err… rosters.

MLS SuperDraft Players:

  • Erick Lopes(GA) CM 2nd pick, 1st Round
  • Matt Noyes LW 10th pick, 1st Round
  • Matthew Sweat DM 23rd pick, 1st Round
  • Connor Putna GK 6th pick, 2nd Round


The final factor that drove us to make so many moves this offseason was ambition. The ambition of some players led them to seek more or better opportunities elsewhere as they forced our hand into selling them off.

Likewise, the opportunity to play in Champions League competition caused the team to raise its own ambitions and look outside the squad for high-value transfers.

Outgoing Players Sold:

  • Jeisson Vargas LW $6M ($7.25M) Hamburg SV
  • Rick Tran FB $34.5K IFK Mariehamn

Incoming Players Bought:

  • -Junior Ramos CM $88K Bahia
  • -Jean Kevin Duverne FB $4.5M AS St Etienne


All of these off-season moves have left us with a bloated roster that’s bursting at the seams with young talent. This is something we need to rectify with sales or loans as we get ready for early Champions League games because our roster is too large for the limited MLS registration and we simply have too many young players for our own good.

Something has to change in the next month or we risk succumbing to the very forces that drove us to this point.

As always, feel free to vote this FM Story about Montreal Impact, comment it and of course, share it over social media! Cheers FMBros!

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