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Round The World In 80 Days – Football Manager – Journeyman Series

By myfmstory17 | March 16, 2018 | 25 Views

Round The World In 80 Days – Football Manager story

Little Introduction to my: Round the world in 80 days – Football Manager story.

I’m a Football Manager fanatic. I’ve been playing these games for years since finding LMA Manager on the PlayStation 2 in a bin in a charity shop for less than £1. I started blogging about Football manager 2017 with Torquay United.

I have had various successes over the years of playing FM. My biggest achievement would have to be getting Torquay to the Champions League by winning the Europa Cup. Winning the Premier League with Bath City did come close though! My latest series has the potential to beat everything!

I am attempting to win all Champions League trophies around the world and blogging along the way whilst managing some weird and wonderful teams. Sometimes I’m just guiding an already decent team to the trophy but other times I’m building a squad from very little.

A phrase I’m starting to use it to “Brian Clough” the league. Basically, this means I’m picking a small team and making them huge. Like Brian Clough did with Derby County.

So far we’ve been through various countries in 4 continents: Senegal, South Africa, Brazil, England, Spain and now South Korea.

Check out the success we’ve had so far and the journey we’ve made!

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