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Starting a Game in the Modus “My World“

By callum | June 26, 2024 | 741 Views

If you ever fancy a game where you can start from scratch this is your modus. You start the game in June and all transfers are canceled. So for example, at Arsenal you can choose your own keeper, or at Chelsea you can try to make Lukaku your top scorer.

But of course you can do it completely your way. Like this it sounds all fun but watch out, there are really some difficulties in this modus.

How should you do it then? First off all, the start is the same, have a good look at your squad but then it’s different. With all the millions you have, DO IT YOUR WAY.

FM24 Your World

Choose a tactic that suits you, plan well, and think about the profiles you need to make it work. So good scouting is important, and take a look at players’ threats and qualities.

Don’t just buy the best players or the big names, but play for the long term. Build something up, don’t be disappointed if the first 2 seasons you don’t win anything. TO BUILD A NEW DNA at a club takes years; So it is also important to choose a club that gives you time. I tried it with Chelsea and luckily they gave me  5 seasons to win the PL. I needed it to build a good 41221 with a false 9. Short combination football, so my biggest mistake was to buy Osimhen, because he’s not suited for it …..

But if you choose a 2nd tier club it can be really fun, build it up your way and stay on your path . TRUST YOURSELF and don’t rely too much on your staff….

And most of all, have fun……

A Mourinho adept……..

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