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The Pride of Edinburgh – Hibernian FM18 Journey

By roverseasfm | March 27, 2018 | 39 Views

FMBrotherhood and Roverseas present you – The Pride of Edinburgh – Hibernian FM18 story!


Hibernian FM18 | Multi-Season Journey

In one of my most enjoyable game saves of FM18 I took charge of Edinburgh side Hibernian in a multi-season journey, the initial goal was simple… FINISH AHEAD OF HEARTS!

Hearts are Hibernian’s bitter rivals, a derby that is as fierce as any, one in which the red side of the city has seen better days, but I wanted to return the Pride of Edinburgh back to the green half of the lovely city that is Edinburgh.

That task was only part one of the goals I was hoping to achieve.  If I succeeded there, my next goal was to win some silverware be it the League Cup, FA Cup or dare I say it the league? Steady on Gaffa.  OK, perhaps that was a little ambitious, but I wanted some silverware.

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Another future goal was to break up the Glasgow dominance at the top of the table, I am sick to the back teeth of seeing either Celtic or Rangers in the top 2, can we get some limelight, please?

And finally my last goal was to taste European football… can we entertain, match or even beat some of Europe’s greats?

The journey may be long, but the adventure will last forever.

The entire series is already live:

Standy for a cameo from football bad boy Joesph Barton.

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