West Ham United FM18 – S2 E1 – Start of the Premier League

West Ham United - Football Manager 2018 - West Ham Start of The Premier League

I hope you are still with West Ham United in this Football Manager 2018 Series because now we are starting new league after promotion and the big celebration in West Ham United! West Ham is now the totally different club, with a new mindset and they now only aim for big things! Will they make it, can they do a lot, we know, they will and they can because Liam is in charge and he knows how.

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West Ham Start of The Premier League – FM18 Series

So here we are the West Ham start of the premier league season has finally arrived with West Ham in FM18 and were here reviewing the summer transfer business and deals. Those summer transfer business and deals were quite hard as we only had a tight budget to spend but hopefully, we made the right choices. So we signed the right players for the task ahead of us for the season and let us try to be successful as possible so come along and enjoy this new episode of West Ham FM18 Series!


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