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Football Manager 2018 West Ham S2 #4 Finding Form Again

By thesaurusfox | August 8, 2018 | 1384 Views

We are here again for all the Football Manager lovers and for all the West Ham United fans and lovers!

This time, after a while we will see two amazing matches against FC Watford and Chelsea FC. We promise you fun and that you will enjoy this new episode of West Ham United – Football Manager 2018 series.

Also, on our FMBrotherhood – football manager community website you were able to see episode number 2 and match against Stoke City, the club our FMCreator managed before. That is the match we recommend you to check out.

West Ham United Finding Form Again – FM18 Series

Once again we’re here with more West Ham United on Football Manager 2018 with season 2 episode 4.

In this episode, we have finally ended our winless run of 8 games and are finally starting to play well again after our huge slump and frustrating form as we’re halfway through to the halfway point of the season.  As we try to avoid relegation as finish as high as possible in order to receive the best league standing payment toward the end of the season and put us in a good financial position in order to prepare for the following season.

Hope you all enjoyed this new FM story about West Ham United finding form again.

If you have enjoyed it you can, as always, vote this West Ham United finding form story!

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