What if Neymar was North Korean? Football Manager 2018 Experiment

What If Neymar Was North Korean - fm18 experiment

Continuing my recent trend of Experiment videos and due to my lackluster What if…? featuring Lionel Messi, I decided to crank it up a notch and do a similar experiment with another superstar.  The main concern with the Lionel Messi XP was his age, despite how amazing he still is, he would never have had the chance to affect the Indian footballing world within the small 5/6 year time frame.


What If Neymar Was North Korean? FM18 Experiment

So this time I opted for another current global footballing wonder, and this time his name was Neymar.

Imagine a world where one of the greatest football players in Neymar was not from Brazil, but in fact from the communist country of North Korea. Whatever could go wrong with that?

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That’s right folks, another Football Manager 2018 Experiment this time taking a YOUNGER global superstar and switching his nationality to that of a less powerful footballing country and what a more bizarre combination could there be?

Neymar considered the 3rd best footballer on the planet, his ability and skill will always make Brazil a footballing powerhouse, but what would happen if North Korea had his skills? I decided to simulate 6 years and two World Cups worth of football and see what influence Neymar would have on North Korea and Brazil in two separate universes. And this is my result.


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