Alba-Audace - Totally different - Football Manager 2018 story
football manager 2018 story - Alba Audace Football Manager / The Prince - Alba-audace fm18 series completely different football manager story - dream team in football manager 2018
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Zabedeo | Alba-Audace | Episode 3 | Football Manager 2018

By whattheforkgaming | March 17, 2018 | 1366 Views

Alba-Audace Football Manager 2018 story

Something completely different, Alba-Audace Football Manager 2018 story, again on FMB! After the tremendous start an incredible first 2 episodes, Alba-Audace story continues. What is Zabedeo? I really want to find that out, and I can find that out here!

As we already know that these videos aren`t like the others you can really expect creativity explosion again.

We are FMBrotherhood, but we love women, and one of them is in our community – she is our special author, football manager that will engage you in her stories. Her stories – YouTube videos are so good that you won`t be able to stop watching them. One episode – one movie. Enjoy!

If you haven`t seen her first post on our community, what are you waiting for? Click Here!


What Our Special Author Told Us

How do you do!

So here’s the third episode of my Alba-Audace series and after the opening four wins of the season, I’m feeling great about our prospects going into the matches again Monza and Allesandria…watch to find out how we get on.

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