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Arsene Wenger`s Invincibles Tactic – Football Manager 2018

By spaskecar | March 10, 2018 | 3805 Views

If you love football and you watch Premier League it is impossible that you haven`t heard about “Arsene Wenger`s Invincibles“. That team played incredible football and they are now, and they will always be in football history because of their amazingness. Here you will see how would Arsene Wengers Invincibles tactic FM18 work in nowadays.

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There are movies, documentaries, numerous posts over the internet, even books that were written about Wenger`s Invincibles. In all of them is explained almost every tiny detail about their football, off pitch stories etc.

Here you will see something different, NikFM made a crazy tactic that replicates Arsene Wenger`s golden era tactic that you will surely like! That tactic he made used in Football Manager 2018 and more about the results of it can be seen below.

Arsene Wengers Invincibles Tactic FM18 Edition

With Arsene Wengers Invincibles tactic FM18 edition – Nik was really invincible, he made really incredible results 8-1 against Liverpool. That`s right, 8-1 against one of the strongest teams in FM18.

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We still wonder what results could this tactic give us with a team that was superior like “Invincibles” in those days. Anyway, we hope that you are going to like this story, video and that you will follow the work of FMBrotherhood!

Cheers Bros! NIKFM is there for you!

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Arsene Wengers Invincibles Tactic FM18 Edition is not the only thing on NikFM!

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