FM19 Possession Tactic - Beautiful Tiki-Taka Football Manager 2019 Tactic
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FM19 Possession Tactic – Beautiful Tiki-Taka Football Manager 2019 Tactic

By spaskecar | November 6, 2018 | 8418 Views

Some of us prefer fast, attacking football tactics with fewer passes, but Nik is someone who loves possession tacticstiki-taka style. That`s why we present you FM19 possession tactic today!


FM19 Possession Tactic by NikFM and FMB


It is not easy to make the tactic where your team is going to play beautiful football and at the same time to have great results. That is so, but If you are someone who likes possession football and a lot of short passing this great FM19 possession tactic is for you.

With this football manager 2019 tactic, your team will play some fantastic football (tika-taka). There will be thousands of short passes. Also, you can also expect some efficient football with many chances and goals in the net of your opponent. Pep Guardiola would be proud of this tactic, for sure.

This tactic is in formation 4-1-2-2-1 and if you want to play this kind of football you need some players with great technical attributes like passing, first touch, technique.

fm19 possession tactic - tiki taka fm19 tactic


FM19 Possession Tactic – Some Of the Recommendations


In attack, we have DLF who must be a strong player with some nice passing but at the same time. So he must be a good finisher.

On the left side for IF you should search for a player who is using the right foot as he is going to cut inside and shoot in many situations.

If you like you can check out FM Tactics from our friend FMTrendGames.

The right side is reserved for an AP. For this position you really need some creative player with a vision. It is very important to have some great WB-s because they are going to be involved in attacking and creating chances.

We have tested this great FM19 possession tactic with many clubs and for sure we can guarantee some really beautiful football.

Download FM19 Possession Tactic here!

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