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Piero Gasperini`s Atalanta FM20 Tactic – REMAKE

By spaskecar | August 2, 2020 | 9753 Views

Searching for a good FM20 tactic?

What about Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta FC tactic remake from the real-world? We have tried this tactic with 3 different clubs and our results were amazing.

Let’s see everything you need to know about Atalanta FC, Piero Gasperini, and this great FM20 tactic that will help you overachieve the club’s results.


Who is Piero Gasperini?


piero gasperini - atalanta football manager - atalanta coach
Piero Gasperini – Who is this guy? | Source: WikiMedia

Although we are sure you know everything about Piero Gasperini, allow us to do just a quick introduction to a man that changed football game in the last few seasons.

Gasperini is 62 years old Italian manager that has spent all of his career in Italia.

Managing Crotone, Palermo, Inter, and from 2016 Atalanta where he finally presented himself to the world.

From the tactical perspective, Gasperini is known for a fully attacking style of play with high risk and „score a goal more“ mindset.

As you can see it is something completely different from the Italian style of play.

His trademark is 3-4-3 tactic which highly relies on the versatility of his attacking players, both midfielders and strikers.

That tactic made Atalanta the most interesting team to watch in modern football and has gained the hearts of all neutral fans in the world.

If you don’t like Gasperini’s Atalanta, you don’t like football that’s for sure.


How good is Atalanta in FM20?


atalanta club history football manager 2020 - club history atalanta fm20
Atalanta FC Club History in Football Manager 2020

If you are looking for a club to manage in FM20, Atalanta is a great option. They are not the richest club in Football Manager, nor they are the best club, but they present everything we love about football.

The first great thing that will help you in setting up tactic we will present to you later is a no-pressure from a board. They want you to finish in the top half of Serie A and that is really not a problem at all.

atalanta board expectations in football manager 2020
Board expectations in Football Manager 2020

Atalanta’s biggest strength in FM20 lies in their attacking options. Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gomez, Duvan Zapata, and Josip Ilicic will be major threats for any opposition and their names will mostly appear on scoresheets.

You will also play in Champions League from the first season and should be able to reach the knockout phase of it.

Atalanta’s youth facilities in FM20 are very good what will help you in developing good young players and later earning money on big transfers.

Of course, there are many challenges you will face if you decide to manage Atalanta in FM20.

Players wanting a transfer to bigger and richer clubs and weakness in rotation are the biggest once. You will need to add some quality to your backups as the season is long and exhaustive.

And all that you need to combine with playing attacking and entertaining football with high-tempo pressing. That’s we step up with our Piero Gasperini Atalanta’s FC best tactic in FM20. Time to reveal all of the secrets.


Piero Gasperini`s Atalanta FM20 Tactic – REMAKE


atalanta piero gasperini tactic fm20
Atalanta – Piero Gian Gasperini tactic remake – Football Manager 2020

To replicate Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta FC tactic in FM20, we have help from our team members, Sebastian and NikFM.

This is a 3-4-3 tactic that is modified to 3-4-1-2 with an attacking mentality.

In possession, set passes into space, low crosses, and run at the defense.

atalanta piero gasperini tactic remake fm20 in possession
Atalanta Piero Gasperini tactic remake – FM20 in possession

Out of possession defend narrower with the much higher defensive line.

piero gasperini fm20 tactic out of possession
Atalanta Piero Gasperini tactic remake FM20 – out of possession

But, the biggest advantage of this Gasperini FM20 tactic lies in transition.

piero gasperini fm20 tactic in transition
Atalanta Piero Gasperini tactic remake – FM20 in transition

When possession has been lost use counter-press and when you win possession back, try to make a counter-attack as fast as you can.

It’s a style of play that drains players, but that is what makes it so entertaining and interesting to watch.


Most important players in Piero Gasperini`s Atalanta FM20 Tactic


Every tactic has it’s own rules and this one is no exception. If you want to be successful in Gasperini’s tactic you need amazing players in 3 positions:

  • Wing backs (left and right)
  • Fast advanced forward
  • Creative midfielder as Advanced Playmaker

In terms of Atalanta in FM20, you have all of that in players like Hateboer, Gosens, Muriel, and Gomez.

atalanta best 11 fm20
Atalanta best 11 in FM20

Now, let’s see how to set up each player by position and their roles and duties.

  • GK: Sweeper keeper – Attack
  • DCR: Ball playing defender – Stopper
  • DCL: Ball playing defender – Stopper
  • DC: Central defender – Cover
  • WBR: Complete Wing-Back – Attack
  • WBL: Complete Wing-Back – Attack
  • MCR: Ball Winning Midfielder – Defend
  • MCL: Box To Box Midfielder – Support
  • AMC: Advanced Playmaker – Support
  • STCR: False Nine – Support
  • STCL: Advanced Forward – Attack

We have now presented you most important players and how to set up a team in this high-level picture. But don’t worry, it’s not everything we have for you.

If you want to see this Gasperini’s Atalanta FC FM20 tactic in detail, check out NikFM’s video that will get you covered 100%.

It’s not Christmas, but we are still not done with gifts.

In the video, you will also find a link to download this amazing FM20 tactic so you can load it up in your game and start using it immediately. No time losing in setting up everything.


Results with Gasperini’s tactic – Football Manager 2020


This Gasperini’s Atalanta FM20 tactic was tested in three different leagues with three different clubs:

  • Serie A – Atalanta
  • Irish League – Bohemians
  • Bundesliga – Schalke 04

As you can see, all of these clubs have a prediction of finishing in the top half of a league, but with our tactic, they battled for the title almost until the last game of a season.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t win a title but always finished in TOP 3. Another common thing to all of the clubs was a high scoring season, again in the top 2-3 clubs in a league. It’s the best indicator of true replication of real Atalanta’s tactic.

Also, our teams were leading leagues in a chance created what makes this tactic great for everyone who loves games with many goals focusing more on scoring goals than on defending their own.

Everything about FM20 seasons with Gasperini’s tactic, you can also find in NikFM’s video mentioned earlier.


Piero Gasperini`s Atalanta FC FM20 Tactic – conclusion


Ok, we have come to the end. Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta FM20 Tactic was presented to you with the ability to download it and start using it immediately.

We really hope you enjoyed our text and video. If so, please press like, share or comment. It means to us the same as goal scoring means to Atalanta.

Also, if you decided to use Gasperini’s tactic in FM20, please share how did you go.

Was it successful? Or did you make some changes to improve it even further? We want to hear everything.

If you want to share your FM passion with others, join our FMBrotherhood Community and enjoy talking about the best game in the world with your Football Manager brothers.


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