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Legia Warsaw in FM – Team and Tactics guide – Football Manager 2018

By spaskecar | March 14, 2018 | 1851 Views

Legia Warsaw FM tactics and team guide are here! We have chosen Ekstraklasa Champion, Polish club that has many titles so far and we all heard about!

When you play Football Manager, first you should take a look at, after you choose a club finance. It is one of the key things in the game and they determine your moves in FM. You need a vision, where do you see your club in the future, so check that segment, please.


Legia Warsaw Finances and team structure in Football Manager 2018

After checking finances we like to see the average age of the team because what we want in our clubs are young prospects, talented players that will improve, play for a small salary and then bring us a lot of money with their transfers. That is what Nik from NikFM showed us in this video about Legia Warsaw in Football Manager 2018. Legia has a lot of old players but also a lot of talented prospects, that`s what we claim to be here.

The recommendation is to sell the old players, choose some from the youth and let them play.


Tactics that will bring you results – Legia Warsaw FM18

Nik will show you how team dynamics look like, where should you focus and how to improve Legia Warsaw FM team 🙂 As you can see in the video the recommended tactic (formation exactly) that perfectly suites Legia is 4-5-1 where you will make a lot of chances over wings. Tactics we recommend that you can use if you play with Legia Warsaw is Unbeatable – Total Domination Tactic we have on our brotherhood site.

For more details, you can check this video, comment how you play with this team and what are the things you would change in Legia that Nik didn`t mention.

I hope that you will win a lot of titles with Legia Warsaw in Football Manager 2018 and that this video will inspire you to make some great things!

There are also interesting FM18 team guides besides this Legia Warsaw FM18 Team guide on FMB. You can check out Spartak Moscow FM18 team guide here. 🙂

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