Spartak Moscow FM18 – Tactics & Team Guide by NikFM

spartak moscow fm18 team and tactics guide

NikFM travels to the distant and cold East and this time we are going to speak about Spartak Moscow FM18 team and we will establish the best way of managing Spartak! Of course, it is our way, it is totally subjective and if you think that you would do it in the other way feel free to share it with us.


Spartak Moscow FM18 – The Way To 2018

Here we will speak about Spartak Moscow FM18 team, and in the video prepared by NikFM there won`t be too much about previous squads.

Almost everyone who likes football knows about this Russian club, so we won`t talk too much about its history and results. We will just mention some things we find as the most important related to Spartak Moscow.

Spartak Moscow is a club with a tradition, founded in the distant 1922. and named by legendary hero/slave from Rome – Spartak. In the past, they dominated the Soviet`s League and won 12 titles, and in modern time they have won 10 titles (Russian Premier League). They now have a beautiful stadium – Otkrytie that was opened in a match against Crvena Zvezda Belgrade also known as Spartak`s “brother” club.

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Something probably everybody knows is that their closest and the biggest rival is CSKA Moscow and we recommend you yo watch those “flammable” Derbies.


Spartak Moscow FM18 Team & Tactics Guide

We tried to make you closer to this club and more familiar, the next thing is up to our FMBrotherhood YouTuber that will show you Spartak Moscow FM18 secrets and how you should manage this team. We hope you will love it, so if you are happy with it press like on the video, feel free to comment either on this post or on the video and maybe subscribe to our YouTuber`s channel.

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Cheers FM Brothers!


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