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Best FM23 CM Wonderkids You Must Sign!

By callum | December 3, 2022 | 27865 Views

10 Best Wonderkid CMs to sign in FM23

In FM23, CM is one of the most important positions on the pitch. Your centre mids job is to dictate the tempo, make passes between the lines, and break up counter-attacks. Your CM wonderkid in your FM23 team must have well-rounded attributes to succeed.

We’ve simulated 10 years into the future to find the best FM23 CM wonderkids for your save. Some of these players are the best potential CMs in FM23. Our top 10 list contains some well-known CMs, and also some centre mids that you may not have heard of before. Make sure to read through our whole wonderkid CM list so you don’t miss out!

We’ve also talked about the best wonderkid strikers in FM23!

What is an FM23 CM Wonderkid?

A wonderkid CM in Football Manager 23 is a player that has the potential to become one of the best central midfielders in the game! These CMs are no older than 20 years of age at the start of your FM23 save.

10 Yunus Musah in Football Manager 2023

Yunus Musah in FM23

Yunus Musah is 10th on our list of best wonderkid midfielders in FM23. He already has 19 caps for the USA at just 19 years if age, and has excellent all round mental attributes. Musah is a versatile midfielder, with the ability to play as an attacking midfielder, and also on the right wing.

If you’re looking to sign Yunus Musah in the first season of your Football Manager 23 save, he will cost you just under £30 million. This is not a cheap CM for a player with this current ability, however Musah has great potential.

If you don’t sign Musah in your first season, you may have to pay his £69 million release clause.

Yunus Musah in 2032

Yunus Musah in 2032

Yunus Musah has the potential ability to become a top CM in FM23. He now has a huge 130 caps for the USA at the age of 29! He’s competent at playing as a box to box midfielder, ball winning midfielder, or deep lying playmaker, so he’s adaptable to lots of different tactics.

Musah’s physical attributes are what make him standout, including 16 strength, 18 agility and 17 natural fitness. Having a high natural fitness means Musah’s attributes won’t deteriorate as quickly as others.

9. Fabio Miretti

Fabio Miretti in Football Manager 2023

The first of a few Italians on this list is Fabio Miretti. The 18 year old wonderkid CM plays for Juventus in Serie A, and already has well-rounded mental attributes, just like Yunus Musah. Miretti is also great technically, with his standout attributes being 14 first touch, 14 technique, and 13 passing.

Fabio Miretti is available for loan in your first FM23 season, which means you can try before you buy! If you want to purchase him outright though, he’ll cost you £22 million.

Fabio Miretti in 2032

Fabio Miretti in 2032

In our simulation, Miretti has stayed at Juventus the whole time, and become a world class midfielder. He has excellent stats to play as a deep lying playmaker, such as 16 vision, 17 first touch, and 16 technique. Miretti doesn’t have a single mental attribute below 13, and is competent defensively.

This is a great central midfielder wonderkid to keep an eye out for in your FM23 save.

8. Samuele Ricci

Samuele Ricci in FM23

The next Italian CM FM23 wonderkid on our list is Samuele Ricci. He already has 16 passing ability at just 20 years of age, alongside 14 technique and 14 vision. This allows Ricci to play passes through the lines, and dictate the tempo of a game. Ricci also has the gets forward whenever possible trait, which will only be effective if he improves his finishing ability.

Ricci has recently signed for Torino in real life, so you’ll have to wait until the second season of your Football Manager 23 save if you want to sign him.

Samuele Ricci in 2032

Samuele Ricci in 2032

Ricci has the potential to develop into a fantastic all round CM in FM23. He has some brilliant mental attributes such as 18 composure, 18 concentration, 18 anticipation, and 17 positioning. This means that Ricci is calm on the ball, and is also able to break up play by anticipating where the ball is going next, and getting into the right position to intercept it.

Just like Miretti, the media also describe Ricci as a world class midfielder, and you can see why he makes our best FM23 CM wonderkids list.

7. Warren Zaire-Emery in FM23

Warren Zaire-Emery in Football Manager 23

Zaire-Emery is  the youngest FM23 CM wonderkid on this list. At just 16 years of age he already has some great attributes such as 15 determination, 13 vision, and13 technique. If you start a Football Manager 2023 save with PSG, make sure to give Zaire-Emery some game time so his attributes develop. He also has the ability to play CDM.

Zaire-Emery isn’t willing to leave PSG in his first season, and if you want to sign him in the future of your FM23 save, he’ll be extremely expensive!

Warren Zaire-Emery in 2032

Warren Zaire-Emery in 2032

Zaire-Emery develops into an excellent defensive minded CM in FM23. He has some great physical attributes, such as 17 agility, 17 balance, and 15 strength. This will make it hard for opposition players to get the ball off Zaire-Emery.

After 10 seasons, Zaire-Emery still only 26 years old, so this is how good he can become just before hitting his prime! However, for a player that you’d instruct to try and win the ball back, 6 aggression is poor.

Still an amazing wonderkid CM in FM23.

6. Kobbie Mainoo

Kobbie Mainoo in FM23

Kobbie Mainoo is a wonderkid CM that not many of you will have heard of. He’s currently tearing it up in real life for Manchester United’s youth team, which is why he has great potential in FM23.

Mainoo is known for his physical and technical ability, which has been resonated in FM23 as he has 14 technique, 13 passing, and 14 acceleration.

Just like Zaire-Emery, Mainoo doesn’t want to leave his current club in his first season. But definitely add him to your shortlist so you can track his development.

Kobbie Mainoo in 2032

Kobbie Mainoo in 2032

In our simulation, Mainoo ended up moving to West Ham for more first team football, and it certainly paid off! You can see he has some standout mental attributes such as 18 composure, 16 anticipation, and 16 decisions.

Mainoo also has the trait which means he tends to run with the ball through the centre of the pitch, which means he’s great at breaking through defensive lines with his pace and power. Kobbie Mainoo is a versatile wonderkid midfielder, that can also play CDM, CAM. and right midfield.

If you like signing English wonderkids, Mainoo is your guy.

5. Hannibal in Football Manager 23

Hannibal in FM23

Another Manchester United CM wonderkid on this list is Hannibal. At just 19 years of age he’s already been capped 16 times by his country! Hannibal is probably the most attack minded wonderkid CM on this list so far. His standout attributes are 14 dribbling, 14 first touch, and 15 technique.

Hannibal has 15 aggression, and also has the trait argues with officials. This means he picks up a lot of yellow cards!

In the first season of your FM23 save, Hannibal is on loan at Birmingham City, so you’ll have to wait until your second season if you want to sign him.

Hannibal in 2032

Hannibal in 2032

You can see what we mean about Hannibal’s aggression as in our simulation he’s suspended! But this doesn’t take away from his FM23 potential. He has 14 attributes rated over 16, which shows he stands out in lots of different areas. Hannibal would work brilliantly as the more attacking midfielder in a midfield 3, as he is brilliant in the final third. He also now has 117 caps for Tunisia at just 29 years old. Hannibal would also make for an excellent CAM.

It’ll be hard to prise him away from Manchester United, but if you can, you’ve got an unbelievable talent. He’s the best African wonderkid in FM23.

4. Cesare Casadei

Cesare Casadei in FM23

Another wonderkid midfielder that’s better going forward is Cesare Casadei. He has 14 finishing, 15 heading, and 15 off the ball, which means he’s a threat when making late runs into the opposition’s box. If you’re looking for some extra steel in your midfield, Casadei is a great option.

He’s recently signed for Chelsea in real life, so like a lot of the CM wonderkids on this list, you’ll have to wait until at least the second season of your Football Manager 23 save to sign him.

Cesare Casadei in 2032

Cesare Casadei in 2032

Casadei has the potential to work on his defensive attributes, which makes him a competent all round midfielder. His passing ability has definitely seen the most improvement. He now has 17 technique, 16 passing, and 17 vision. This is much better than 13, 13, and 12, respectively.

Cesare Casadei also has brilliant mental attributes, with his best being 17 anticipation, 16 composure, and 18 off the ball movement.

He’s the third and final Italian CM wonderkid on our list.

3. Ilaix Moriba

Iliax Moriba in Football Manager 2023

Ilaix Moriba is the second African wonderkid to feature on our list. He was a wonderkid on FM22, but has recently had a tough time in real life. He didn’t make many appearances for RB Leipzig after moving from Barcelona, and now finds himself back in Spain on loan at Valencia. Hopefully he will find his feet again.

This doesn’t take away from his ability in FM23. His standout attributes are 16 determination, 17 flair, and 16 technique. Moriba is great in the mezzala, and deep lying playmaker roles. He’s definitely better going forward than defensively.

As previously mentioned, Moriba is out on loan, so you’ll have to wait a while until you can sign one of the best FM23 CM wonderkids on save.

Ilaix Moriba in 2032

Ilaix Moriba in 2032

Moriba still has the potential ability to become one of the best CMs in FM23! He has 30 goals in 88 caps for his country which is incredible for a central midfielder. His mental attributes are well-rounded, with them all being rated 12 or higher.

Moriba has the player trait to try killer balls often, which is a great trait for him to have, as he has 15 passing, 17 technique, and 17 vision. This means he can pull off some great through balls!

Ilaix Moriba is one of the best young CMs in FM23, make sure to add him to your shortlist.

2. Gavi in FM23 – Second Best CM Wonderkid

Gavi in FM23

Number 2 on our list is Gavi, who is arguably the best 17 year old player in FM23! He is extremely technically gifted, with 16 technique, 15 first touch, and 14 passing. He is also has brilliant mental attributes, with most of them being rated above 14. Gavi also already has 10 caps for Spain, which is an unbelievable achievement as a teenager.

However, unless you manage FC Barcelona, you’ll have to wait a while until you can use Gavi on FM23. He wants to continue his development at Barcelona.

Gavi in 2032

Gavi in 2032

Bayern Munich have managed to snatch Gavi from Barcelona, and you can see why! His mental attributes are even better, with 17 decisions, 18 vision, and 16 flair. Gavi has the ability to become one of the best deep lying playmakers in Football Manager 23. He also has over 100 caps for Spain at 27 years old, so who knows how many he could have by the end of his career.

Gavi is one of the best CM wonderkids in FM23, if you can afford him!

1. Jude Bellingham – Best CM Wonderkid in FM23

Jude Bellingham in FM23

Probably not a surprise to you, but Jude Bellingham is the best CM wonderkid in FM23! He’s been absolutely smashing it for Borussia Dortmund in real life, and is likely to move in the Summer of 2023. Bellingham has 20 determination and 17 work rate, which are important attributes to help a player further develop. This is one of the reasons why Jude Bellingham becomes the best wonderkid in FM23.

Unlike a lot of the players on this list, Bellingham is actually available to sign in your first FM23 season. But you’ll need a large transfer budget, as he’ll cost you £94 million!

Bellingham in 2032

Jude Bellingham in 2032

Bellingham has the potential to become an unbelievable world class midfielder. He has 7 mental attributes over 16, including leadership, so he would make an excellent captain for your team. Bellingham plays at his best in a box to box role, but is more than good enough to play as a ball winning midfielder, or mezzala.

If you ever have the budget, you must sign Jude Bellingham. He is definitely the best wonderkid CM in FM23.


That’s our list of FM23 CM wonderkids. Give them a try in your Football Manager save and let us know if they reach their potential.

We’ve written a lot more articles about FM23 Wonderkids, so make sure to check them out if you’re looking for players to sign in your Football Manager save.

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